Data storage in America? This is why you should choose Europe

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27, July 2020

Last week the European Court ruled the Privacy Shield, the “data transfer framework” between the EU and the US, invalid. According to the Court, it is in breach of the new European Privacy laws, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The European Court of Justice states that the transfer of personal data to a third country must have a level of protection similar to that of the GDPR.

The Privacy Shield was (since July 2016) the successor to the Safe Harbour Agreement that had previously also been ruled invalid. The Safe Harbour regulations insufficiently protected the data of European citizens, and according to the European Court that is still the case.

The main objection is that it is not possible to see what data is being stored. That is a requirement of the GDPR. The ‘standard contractual clauses’ do remain, however; but due to the surveillance in the US, that instrument for the transfer of data is also troublesome.

What does this mean for your organisation?

In our data-driven future, data plays an even more central role in marketing than ever before. The safety of, or security concerns about, your data must never hold you back.

Due to the tightened privacy regulations (which in Europe we adhere to with good reason) and the international legal disputes, you find yourself in an uncertain position outside of Europe when it comes to your data. This can hinder you in your progress. Make sure, therefore, that you take good care of these matters. Only then can you confidently start to properly use and benefit from data integrations.

The advice from our experts: always store your data safely and ‘future-proof’ in Europe. Better safe than sorry!

ISO 27001: guarantees data security

And yet, if you opt for European data storage, you cannot unfortunately be absolutely sure. If you want to have everything concerning data storage and safety arranged well, choose an organisation that is ISO certified too. Information security is a hot topic due to cyber attacks (one of the greatest risks). Worldwide, ISO 27001 has become the most popular standard for information security.

This certification is awarded to organisations that set up their processes and procedures according to the ISO 27001 and therefore guarantee the best possible data protection and a continuous policy in this regard. Our advice is therefore to opt for an ISO-certified party.

What are your current data risks?

Where do you store your data and what are the risks? Depending on your email Service Provider (Mailchimp, for example) you run various risks. We are currently setting out what these are and will add the overview to this article as soon as possible.

Keep your data safe and future proof

Webpower stores the data of Dutch customers in the Netherlands, and we are also ISO 27001 certified. Do you have any specific questions about storing your data in Europe and/or about (email) marketing automation?

We will be happy to introduce you to the power of Webpower. Feel free to contact us for information.

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