Emails in dark mode: this is what you should know

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1, July 2020

Dark mode is one the most important design trends and its popularity is on the rise. It should not come as a surprise that dark mode is also playing an increasingly imporant role in email marketing. Emails in dark mode use an inverse color scheme that uses light colored typography, UI elements and iconography on dark backgrounds.

Users of the most popular operating systems and apps (Slack, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Outlook, iOS-mail) are able to switch to dark mode in no time at all.

Dark mode: why use it?

Dark mode is a hot topic and it’s expected that users will quickly pull each other in. The first users switched to dark mode for the following reasons:

  • It reduces your screen’s brightness, making the battery last longer;
  • Dark mode is easier on the eyes. When there is little light, reading light text on a dark background is much less tiring for your eyes;
  • It can improve the readability of content on various devices.

What do your emails look like in dark mode?

You can’t influence whether somebody views your emails in dark mode or not. Of course, an email that looks good in dark mode achieves your goals much better.

Do you want to know what your emails look like in dark mode? Send a test email to your inbox and view your email(s) in dark mode. In the Outlook app, for example, you can easily switch to dark mode. In Gmail you can rapidly switch modes via the settings as well.

emails in dark mode

How do I improve my emails for dark mode?

Of course you would do well discussing dark mode with your email service provider’s design experts. Do you want to get started yourself? Then here’s what you can do:

  • Use images with a transparent background so they adjust to dark mode correctly;
  • Stop using white texts. Because there are large color contrasts in dark mode, it is better to go for a colour that is neither dark nor light, such as blue.

Note: because, for example, Outlook itself places a code over your colors, it is possible that your emails still will not look nice despite your changes.

Expert advice

It is therefore important to see how the content of your email template is built up exactly and which email clients your recipients use.

Fully switching to dark mode is certainly not an easy job, but it does show that you keep up with trends and respond to the preferences of your contacts.

What’s more, you’re one step ahead of the competition and your emails always look great. To top it all off, your emails in dark mode reach as many goals as your emails viewed in “regular” inboxes.

Do you want to make your email template dark mode-proof?

Convinced about making your emails dark mode-proof? Our experts love to think along with you. Feel free to contact us.

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