Event marketing: increase conversion with event marketing automation

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2, July 2020

Event marketing: increase conversion through event automation

By using marketing automation for your event marketing, you can realise considerable improvements in communication. For instance, you can save time, avoid stress and increase conversion.

The concept of event automation is a very broad one. For B2B an event can be, for example, a business event, a trade fair or a business appointment. And for B2C an event could be a festival, a trip or B2C appointment. Many of these events are also organised online.

In this article we will tell you how marketing automation can help you with your event. 

Event marketing: four steps you just have to take

1. Step into the shoes of a visitor

Step into the shoes of a visitor and see how you would like to be triggered and invited. For instance, how are you going to invite known visitors, and how do you handle potential new visitors? What can you learn from your previous events?

2. Set up a simple registration process

Set up a landing page with a registration form. Make it easier for your target group, and ensure  that the form for known contacts is as pre-filled as possible. For this reason, you should hink about what extra information you would like to find out, such as dietary requirements, transportation and interests.

3. Think out your communication flows

What would trigger you as a visitor to continue going to the event? What content would you like to receive and through which channel? Examples of this include providing a sneak preview of the programme, the speakers, exclusive insights, the latest information and the ticket. Draw up an e-mail flow for the target groups, showing the various moments you contact the groups and the content you use.

4. Be aware of the power of deregistrations

The strength of automation often lies in the automatic and effective response to those who don’t attend. Automatically draw upon a back-up list and increase the number of good quality visitors. In addition, make sure you have adequate information regarding catering and safety procedures.

Marketing automation functionalities that will help you

The following marketing automation functionalities will help you in your Event Marketing.

  • Automatically send personal tickets in PDF: send personalised tickets and use this functionality to send, for example, discount coupons, VIP tickets or invoices as well
  • Text message: send a text message regarding your event, remind visitors of sessions or communicate current matters or changes
  • Extra database fields: create extra database fields for your event, GDPR-proof
  • QR code: scan the personal ticket with QR code upon arrival and set up triggers for the follow-up communication
  • Flow Builder: build simple automated email flows, possibly with text messaging
  • Video in email: stand out by inserting a video in an email
  • Payment links: make it easy for the visitor and ensure payment is quick and easy
  • Countdown timer: use a countdown to create a sense of urgency
  • Diary functionality: ensure your visitors can add the event to their own diaries with a single click
  • Landing page: keep the invitation email short and to the point with a link to a landing page with a form
  • Rejection option: communicate professionally with contacts who have decided not to attend and thank them for their deregistration
  • +1: Set up the invitation in such a way that it allows more than 1 person to attend
  • Automatic CC: send, for example, the marketing department an automatic CC after registration
  • Roles and rights: allow interns a different level of access than managers and ensure the safety of the personal data of those registered

Curious how to use these functionalities in practice? Read in the Webpower YOU case how we used the Event Manager for the communication surrounding our customer event Webpower YOU.

Want to know more about Event Automation?

Download the Event Automation starter’s guide. If you have any specific questions or wishes, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to talk to you about the power of Webpower.

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