Jacco Bouw leaves Webpower

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5, July 2019

Jacco Bouw, founder of Webpower, leaves Webpower after 20 years and he is going to focus on other activities.

Many of those activities will be related to China, where Jacco started the first Webpower activities in 2006. The country never stopped energising him. With his knowledge and experience, Jacco is going to assist other European organisations in entering the Chinese market. In addition, Jacco Bouw will continue his collaboration with Webpower as a (product) partner.

“Despite my conscious decision to leave China and return to the Netherlands in 2010 – after five years in Shanghai – China still fascinates and inspires me enormously. The developments there are going so fast and nowadays the whole world is watching”, says Jacco Bouw.

I am incredibly proud of Webpower and I look back at twenty fantastic years. In this timeframe, Webpower has contributed to the power of email marketing and marketing automation in the marketing landscape.

“Webpower will continue to follow it’s current path,” says Pascal Kurvers, who has been involved in Webpower as commercial & operational director since 2017 and is in charge of the overall management since the beginning of this year. This means there will be even more focus on new and existing customers, partners and product development. The recent results show a good growth of revenue and we are proud of that. This gives us a solid foundation for continuous growth. “I am pleased that Jacco, as a product partner, will still be connected to Webpower. I want to thank him very much for his contribution over the past 20 years.”

About Webpower
Webpower is a renowned marketing automation specialist with offices throughout Europe. The organisation offers the right services and products in the field of marketing automation and more efficient organisation of sales processes. Webpower serves leading customers such as ANWB, Jaarbeurs, Spierziekten Nederland, Kras, Mijndomein, Santander and Unionen, but is also scalable for smaller organisations.

jacco bouw

Jacco Bouw



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