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    Gamification: a lucrative trend in email marketing

    Webpower recently organised a meeting for the travel sector at the headquarters in Barneveld (NL). The future of booking online has long been an important subject in the travel industry. But how can you, as a travel organiser, optimally meet the needs of your customers? Sanne van Dooren, from new…

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  • Email marketing trends 2020: automation reaching maturity

    I don’t think there will be new trends per se in 2020. Rather, I see trends reaching maturity. There are some interesting things on the horizon. Due to the smart developments in which data and email marketing are inextricably linked with one another, the profession of email marketer is certainly becoming more exciting as a result. 

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  • B2B marketing automation means more personal contact

    Those who use the importance of personal contact as an argument against marketing automation couldn’t be more wrong. Good marketing automation is after all not a replacement for personal contact, but a valuable addition.

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  • Jacco Bouw leaves Webpower

    Jacco Bouw, founder of Webpower, leaves Webpower after 20 years and he is going to focus on other activities.

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  • DDMA Email Benchmark 2019: 5 learnings

    Last Thursday, 20 June, the DDMA Email Benchmark was again presented during the Email Summit. This benchmark is unique in every way: six different ESPs supply Dutch data and in no other country do we see various ESPs work together in this manner. Just like last year, we have this year naturally also taken an immediate look at the figures and set out for you the five most important conclusions. So you don’t have to sift through the entire document, just before your holidays 😉

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  • Gamification: a lucrative trend in email marketing

    Recently, Webpower organized an RMC Meetup (Travel Management Club). Sanne van Dooren, from new Webpower partner Leadfamly, gave a presentation. She discussed why the brain loves game elements. She also explained how gamification in email marketing allows you to grow your database, enrich existing profiles and activate customers. Chantal Bonefaas from the ANWB, told about the success of the “Happy Holiday Check”.

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  • Email marketing and the GDPR: 6 mistakes from which you can learn

    The GPDR made its entry almost a year ago now. We are pleased to have been able to provide an advisory role for our customers in this. All around us we have heard, of course, lots about the GDPR and email marketing. And in May we saw a considerable increase in emails coming in. Emails that often did not really need to be sent. Oops 😉 What should or should not have been done and how can you treat the GDPR like royalty from now on?

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