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    Gamification: a lucrative trend in email marketing

    Webpower recently organised a meeting for the travel sector at the headquarters in Barneveld (NL). The future of booking online has long been an important subject in the travel industry. But how can you, as a travel organiser, optimally meet the needs of your customers? Sanne van Dooren, from new…

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  • Increase your email opens: 12 tips to write the perfect subject line

    You can use conditional subject lines for the emails you send via the Webpower platform. That means that you can show the right subject line for different segments (or target audiences/customer profiles), all in the same email. How do you write the perfect subject line for your email? In this article, we will give you twelve useful tips. We will also explain how to write a good pre-header (also known as a subheader/snipper/preview text).

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  • Five ways to make clever use of the Olympic Winter Games as an (email) marketer

    The Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, are about to begin. Even if you do not work for a sports label or sports-related service, you can easily use the euphoria and successes – or losses – of the Games to your advantage as a marketer.

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  • Webpower prolongs both ISO certificates

    Webpower is proud to announce that both ISO certificates are prolonged. This confirms that Webpower complies with the international standards for quality management and information security.

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  • Email trends 2018: boost or regress

    In 2018 we will be seeing more and, above all, better emails. In this article, I (Jacco Bouw) will explain the email trends we will see (again) in 2018. Additionally, I spend a lot of my time in China. That country leads the way in terms of mobile first and online (email) marketing. I will also reveal how we are following China.

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  • How email marketing increases sales on Black Friday

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark the official start of the buying season for Christmas (and Sinterklaas). Online purchases continue to rise year after year. This year, the expected income from online sales will be USD 1.3 billion (up 15% compared to 2016).

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  • Local and multi-sending domains: exploring the technical aspects

    Local and multi-sending domains offer many advantages for email marketing that you might not be aware of. Are you curious about the technology that ensures your emails are delivered to the recipient’s inbox faster when you use local and multi-sending domains? We will explain that over here.

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