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    Gamification: a lucrative trend in email marketing

    Webpower recently organised a meeting for the travel sector at the headquarters in Barneveld (NL). The future of booking online has long been an important subject in the travel industry. But how can you, as a travel organiser, optimally meet the needs of your customers? Sanne van Dooren, from new…

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  • Save money by using a quality mailing list

    Want a large mailing list? Or would you rather have a mailing list whose recipients always open the email and click on? The essence of a quality mailing list is the fact that it only contains the recipients that actually do something with your emails.

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  • Three emails you need to send right now to improve your end-of-year campaign’s results

    The holidays are fast approaching, which means the email marketing holiday season is right around the corner as well. In order to improve the results of your end-of-year campaign, we’ve included three tips for you to prepare your database.

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  • How to write a good B2B welcome email?

    If someone signs up for your emails, sending them a confirmation email is a good idea; the so-called welcome email. This is especially important if you don’t send emails very frequently. As time goes on, people will simply forget who you are, let alone remember you being that potential party they might want to free up some space in their business inbox. How do you write a good welcome email for the business market? Five tips.

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  • Email marketing for B2B? Don’t just focus on the recipient

    Personalisation is one of the main principles of successful email marketing. By making clever use of your database and the personalisation options of your email marketing software, you can send each and every recipient a personal and relevant message that is completely tailored to their interests.

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  • New EU-US data sharing agreement: the Privacy Shield

    A new agreement between the EU and the US has been made concerning improved protection of personal information of European internet users, better known as the Privacy Shield.

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  • Five myths about sending emails without an opt-in

    For many people, spam is one of the biggest annoyances they have to deal with on a daily basis. There are a number of very strict rules that were designed to combat this form of unwanted advertising. In a nutshell: it is not allowed to approach people without them giving permission to do so first.

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