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16, November 2016

Do you want a large mailing list? Or would you rather have a mailing list whose recipients always open the email and click on? The essence of a quality mailing list is that it only contains the recipients that actually “respond to” your emails.

How do you do this?

Use magic hidden fields in Webpower. Magic hidden fields are database fields that you add once and which then save information for each individual contact. Webpower will keep track of when your contact last opened your email and when they last clicked. You can make a selection based on this information, but your contacts won’t notice a thing.


Are many of your recipients not opening or clicking in your emails? Don’t start excluding them just yet. Instead, start reactivating them so they become active readers once again. Try and see if a different subject line is more appealing to them, and use A/B tests to analyse what works best. Alternatively, send them an offer, or ask the recipients directly why an email is or isn’t relevant, for example by using icons (thumb up, thumb down) that can be clicked on.


If your recipients really don’t open or click in your emails, you can choose to exclude them from your mailings. However, don’t remove these contacts permanently. You may want to approach them again, or re-use the information later. For example, you could send a new opt-in email to inactive recipients. You can repeat this action once again and if they still haven’t responded, simply set them as inactive.

How to do so in Webpower?

Adding magic hidden fields is very easy in Webpower, and setting up an automatic follow-up for inactive recipients only takes a few clicks.

Add the database fields ‘last_open_date’ and ‘last_click_date’. You can do so under: setup> database fields > insert.



Specify when you want to send an automatic follow-up email (e.g. after 180 days).

Set up a dynamic filter via send > filters: if today’s date -180 days is equal to the last open or click, the automatic follow-up will be sent to the recipient.


Next, specify that the follow-up email should be sent every day. Don’t forget to enable the filter in your mailing. By doing so, Webpower automatically ensures that your email is only sent to contacts that haven’t opened any of your emails in 180 days.



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