More than 700% growth due to the use of the Flow Builder

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Mijndomein is the largest and most well-known hosting provider in the Netherlands. You can purchase various products and services: from domain name registration to the installation of a web hosting package. The Websitemaker is a new product from Mijndomein, with which you can easily create your own website without any technical knowledge. A free (trial) version of the Websitemaker should eventually lead to a purchase.

Mijndomein wanted to increase the conversion from the free to the paid website maker. An onboarding process by email (also known as getting to know the product/getting familiar with the product) was therefore presented as a new marketing channel. The Mijndomein team had no experience at all with email automation and built the onboarding process into the Flow Builder themselves. This case underlines how, with relatively little budget, (mainly) preparation time and even with little experience, you can achieve a huge conversion increase through (email) marketing automation.

Take-aways for you:

  • The onboarding process via the Flow Builder is a large conversion channel in contrast to ‘the scattergun approach’ via online channels such as Facebook, Google Ads, abri’s and other regular marketing channels.
  • An automated onboarding process (see more types of campaigns here) is a proven marketing approach.
  • The Flow Builder forces you to think carefully in advance about how you want to bring together processes, content and data in order to achieve optimal insight, effectiveness and conversion.
  • Visual content works better than plain text. Mijndomein sees in the click results that the links and visual elements that refer to videos lead to the best results.
  • With more insight into data, you can work more actively with data analysis and take a more targeted approach to your marketing.
  • A professional ESP like Webpower looks further than just software: consultants inspire you and look along with you on technical challenges concerning processes, structure and data.

Onboarding flow: getting started

How does the onboarding-flow work? An interested party registers on the landing page for the trial version of the Websitemaker and gives permission to receive three emails. After registration you will get access to the trial version immediately. The three emails contain convincing content about the Websitemaker, which ultimately has to seduce you into purchasing it.

An advisory role for Webpower: overcoming (technical) challenges

Before the Flow could be implemented, a number of challenges lay ahead:

  • The form on the product page had to be modified.
  • The opt-in and Flow had to be built.
  • How do you check whether the customer has now been converted?
  • What will be the contact moments with the applicants?
  • Based on their experience, Webpower’s consultants have played a pleasant advisory role in this.

Convincing content in four different emails

After the technical challenges had been overcome, the flow could be sent. A logical assumption was made in advance: if the product is still fresh in the memory, there is a greater chance of conversion. The flow therefore starts immediately after doing the trial. What does the flow look like? In email 1 and 2 Mijndomein discusses the product in more depth through convincing content such as tips & tricks about the Websitemaker, inspiring video in email (e.g. creating a website in 30 minutes) and bullet points (5 times why we are enthusiastic about the Websitemaker). You will also find a purchase button and a feedback option in the emails (what do you think of this email). Mail 3 consists of 2 variants. Did you open mail 2? Then you will receive confirmatory content (including 5 times why we are enthusiastic) with a purchase button. Did you not open mail 2? Then you will receive content that tries to convince you like: “Have you tried Websitemaker for free? Why aren’t you convinced yet?” This email is longer and contains more content than the email sent to those who had opened mail 2.

onboarding campagne Webpoweronboarding campagne

Onboarding flow


Video content works
Mijndomein sees in the clickresults that the links and visual elements that refer to videos work best. This result is not unexpected: multiple studies and research have shown that people remember 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear. In Webpower you can easily add video in email.

Have you purchased a website creator?
When the Websitemaker is purchased, the database is updated and the contact in question no longer receives any communication.

The results are astonishing:

  • Conversion rate from 3.47% to 24.6% (!).
  • Unique email rendering/opens campaign wide: 64.7%.
  • Click/Open Ratio (CTO): campaign width: 44.7%.
  • Of the 1208 applicants, 267 converted within 14 days. Only 30 applicants converted within 30 days.

The Flow Builder-lessons that Mijndomein wants to give you:

  • Don’t build your flow too big, keep it clear. A compact flow is easier to read and easier to optimize. If you build long flows, a small change has an impact on many points within the process. You have to analyse all of this and bring it back to a conclusion. Within a small flow, it is also easier to A/B test because the results are more directly visible and do not require in-depth analysis. A winning flow can always be expanded.
  • Make your goals measurable. What do you want to achieve? Mijndomein wanted to achieve an increase of factor x2, but this even became factor x7!
  • Draw your flows, try different scenarios.
  • Think about the customer’s action. Mijndomein sends after mail 2-open a different mail than after mail 2 non-open.
  • Update content regularly, stay up-to-date.
  • Has the customer achieved your goal? Then get him or her out of the flow.
  • Start with small numbers and see what does or doesn’t work.
  • Failure is allowed, nothing is wrong.

Planning for the future
This campaign is based on Mijndomein’s expertise in the field of content in newsletters, but also in the field of frequency/timeframe in relation to email. Because the results were astonishingly good (gradually increasing from 3.47 to 24.6%), the team remained on the right track.

A/B testing on specific components
There is now only 1 input (landing page) and 1 flow available. Mijndomein wants to test with different landing pages and flows for specific target groups. Also, at this moment, in a later phase of the case, A/B testing is done to optimize the results. For example, tests are carried out using messaging such as ‘free’ versus ‘€0’, ‘free trial’ versus ‘free to work’. In addition, tests are carried out with different types of information. If it turns out that a specific section explaining the Websitemaker is not clicked much, it is replaced by content that Mijndomein expects to be more successful.

Data analysis
Because the Flow Builder brings together an automated onboarding process, content and process management for the marketing department and control over registrations, Mijndomein has more insight into processes and data. As a result, Mijndomein will be able to work more productively with marketing campaigns and data analysis in the future.

Are you interested in a successful onboarding flow?

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