Trek Bicycle: post-purchase programme with proven results

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Trek Benelux, part of Trek Bicycle Corporation USA, sells its bicycles through various dealers. Trek Benelux wishes to increase retention for its dealers. 

In other words, it aims to stimulate store visits and create more opportunities for service, maintenance and sales. Trek also wishes to increase the consumer’s loyalty towards the dealer.

This is why the Trek Connect programme was set up. Trek Connect is a post-purchase programme. It allows dealers to easily remain in contact with customers without any extra time and effort as well as stimulates new store visits.

Take-aways for you:

  • Use digital developments to develop your (disruptive) business model.
  • Marketing automation and digital transition involves step-by-step learning and implementation.
  • Automatically generated customised dealer statistics provide a direct insight into both the effect of discount vouchers and the customer’s involvement.
  • Thanks to an image library with various relevant tags, you can easily and automatically hyper-personalise your emails.

How does Trek Connect work in practice?

Linking cash register system with flexible Webpower platform

After the purchase of a new bike (irrespective of the make) from a dealer that participates in Trek Connect, the dealer asks the customer for permission to send follow-up communication. The registration is processed automatically and digitally in the cash register system, which in turn is automatically synchronised with Webpower. A customer who has given permission, receives the first email from the post-purchase flow (which has a duration of one year) three days after the purchase. The first email is a thank-you message.

Content of post-purchase email flow

The timing and content of the emails have been established after an extensive test period with an evaluation carried out by 9 stores. After the thank-you email, there follows a reminder for the maintenance of the new bicycle (after 40 days), a 10 euro discount voucher for a subsequent purchase (after 100 days), a discount voucher for a service (after 180 days) and a final discount voucher exactly one year after the purchase of the bike. The discount vouchers have a unique ID, are customer and dealer-specific and automatically generated in Webpower. It is of course possible to unsubscribe from the flow at any time.

Personalisation for maximum results 

The emails within the flow are personalised in different ways. The email is sent on behalf of the dealer, in the dealer’s corporate style and personalised according to the customer’s gender, the purchase date and the make and type of the bike.

A library containing over 200 images has been integrated within the Webpower platform. The images in the emails are personalised as much as possible on the basis of the gender of the customer, type of mailing (regular or with a discount voucher), purchase (type of bike) and make (Trek or other brand). The name of the sender and the personalisation ensure there is greater involvement of the recipient and consequently a higher open ratio and lower unsubscribe ratio.

Special personalised dealer statistics 

Every week the participating dealers receive a report, which includes the Webpower generated post-purchase statistics, the number of vouchers redeemed, the amounts spent by those customers and the email bounces. This enables the dealers to monitor for themselves whether their email database is up-to-date and creates a benchmark for comparing the performance of the store against the average performance of other stores.

The concrete results for Trek and the dealers:

The results for the dealers:

  • Unique emails opened: 70.8% (by way of comparison: 37% is average according to the DDMA National Email Benchmark). This high open percentage was achieved up to and including email no. 5
  • Unsubscribers: only 0.14%
  • Customer loyalty/increased cycling fun
  • More frequent store visits 
  • A considerable increase in turnover 
  • Professionalisation in digital communication 
  • Time savings

The results for Trek:

  • Helping dealers with their (ditigal) business operations
  • Greater brand experience amongst consumers

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