Send relevant newsletters, campaigns, and transactional emails with Webpower’s email marketing software.

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Email marketing software

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Intelligent newsletters and campaigns

Create your own campaigns and send relevant content to your recipients. Keep your contacts up to date via Webpower's email marketing software. Inform them regarding new products, special offers or other important information.

Deliver the perfect follow-up email

Do you want to activate sleepers, encourage ambassadors, or follow up on clicks on a link? Or do you just welcome new customers with a welcome campaign? Automate the perfect follow-up email to boost open rates and conversion.

Easy to use and local support

Our drag & drop editor is one of the easiest to use. Moreover, it allows you all the freedom you need. Beside, our emails are automatically responsive in design. And while we don't expect that you will, if you do need help, our local support teams will be happy to assist you in using our software in the most effective ways.

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Email marketing is still one of the cheapest ways to communicate 1 on 1 with leads and customers.

Features of our email marketing software

Design email without HTML knowledge


Drag, drop, and edit images and text to create your perfect email; anyone in your organisation will be able to do it. Want to share your web content in your emails? Add it quickly and easily with an RSS feed. No more need to copy and paste images, text, links, and awards, thus saving time. Use templates that are in line with your own corporate identity, and switch to one of your other brands' identities with a single press of a button.

Individual relevance via one email


Free yourself from having to create multiple emails with similar content for different target groups. Increase relevance and save time by sending one email with dynamic content that responds to the each individual recipient's interests. Show different or less content on smartphones and tablets than on laptops or desktop computers. Deliver relevant content to each individual subscriber, using a single email.

Integrate your contact data


Webpower is set up to be compatible with other platforms. It’s open and flexible and can connect to any tool or database you would like. We also offer seamless integration with Zapier, an integration tool that connects 750+ web apps.

Get to know your leads and customers. Create and refine segments based on different criteria, such as age, gender, interests, online behaviour, device and OS usage, and email lifetime activity. All of this with your end goal in mind: to engage your contacts and convert them.

Increase your conversion using split email testing


Stop guessing and start testing. Run split email tests by creating two or more messages (with either different content, a different subject line, or a different schedule). Send them to a small percentage in your database at random. Afterwards, send the winner to the remainder of your list. The results of split-run email tests can be astounding. Improvements of 10-30% or even more are no exception. Furthermore, this is a convenient way of eliminating endless discussions about the correct interpretation of an email. After all, you've tested it!

Analyse results and fine-tune campaigns for even more powerful results


Analyse the value of your email marketing campaigns. Use Webpower to measure results, find out what works best, and improve your ROI. See who visits a certain landing page and how often they do so. Check the online behaviour of your customers and leads by analysing your email conversion rates.

Email marketing software

In today’s fast-paced world, you need new and more exciting ways to use email to reach your customers. Email marketing should be personal, timely, and relevant to each individual contact. You know what you want to achieve with your email marketing, and Webpower software is here to give you just that: connect your data, build your database, and send relevant newsletters, campaigns, and transactional emails (such as track-and-trace codes).

Create your email in minutes

Create your newsletter in minutes and send it out to predefined target groups. Define content for specific target groups and apply dynamic A/B testing to increase engagement. If you want to use dynamic content, use our trusted methods to insert external content such as recommendations, reviews, or the latest news articles. Let Webpower add a little extra for exceptional deliverability and inbox placement.

Data centers in Europe

We take privacy and customer data security very seriously. Webpower complies with the international standards for quality management and information security and is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified. Our European customers' data is stored in the Netherlands.

Download product brochure 

Detailed feature list

  • Personalisation and mobile view in our editor.
  • Integrated video in email.
  • Create and refine segments based on different criteria. 
  • Easy content creation via RSS.
  • Email client previews including email apps.
  • Use multivariate (A/B) testing on your emails to optimise opens and clicks.
  • Priority email for time-sensitive messages, such as transactional emails or system notifications.
  • Manage multilingual campaigns.
  • Deliverability & reputation management.

While we don't expect that you will, if you do need help, our local support teams will be happy to assist you in using our software in the most effective ways.

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Webpower is a powerful marketing automation platform. Our product brochure contains details of the options and functions we offer.

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