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Automate and reuse your customer journeys

You probably recognize yourself in one of the following problems...

You’re organising an event. Great, you already have 40 registrations! You need to send the ones who have registered a thank you email and the ones who have declined a reminder; let alone the programme information and tickets. Pff, this really involves so much time and manual work...

You're doing well, because new leads automatically receive a series of e-mails after registration. But, you don’t measure by interactions - such as opens or clicks - when a customer seems ready for a purchase. This is exactly which increases your conversion. The Flow Builder is designed to send personal communication at the right time.

Perhaps it’s been a while since you last had your process automated. You can’t see the big picture anymore. You don’t really know what’s been automated and how things have been arranged. How will you regain a clear overview, so that everybody in the organisation understands it and can work with it?

Your new contact needs certain information, but you sent the email with content on exactly that only last month! Is there a smarter way to use and reuse that relevant and non-time specific content?

The advantages of the Flow Builder:

  • the Flow Builder allows you to arrange your processes even more efficiently
  • save time and increase your conversion
  • have automatic follow-up communication sent on the basis of behaviour
  • reuse your customer journey and content: respond to the information need
  • keep manual tasks to a minimum and avoid mistakes
Flow builder connections

Dynamic and flexible

Send the right message at the right time

You can categorize your leads and customers into personas who have the same information and buying needs. In this way, you put your customer central and make the communication less dependent on the marketer. Or rather: it is not you as a marketer that determines what information a person receives and when; the information that you send your contact fits with their specific customer journey and is sent through an automated process.

Automate your flow

Personal and
custom-made for all

Sending the first message is only the beginning. On the basis of a contact’s action (for example an open, click) or a customer-contact value, you can have Webpower send follow-up communication automatically. It almost can’t get any more personal and custom-made than this.

Faster and more efficient

Save time on your customer journey

Coding is history. Using the Flow Builder you can easily and quickly click together a customer journey with our user-friendly drag & drop editor.

Step by step you put together the most relevant action. Because you are able to prepare everything well and are not bound to deadlines, you also limit your margin of error.

Flow builder

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Support and examples of flows

We would be happy to look together with you at what data you can best integrate for optimal results. We also offer free knowledge sessions. And on our knowledge base you can look at handy and practical tutorials, as well as find flows that are easy to build yourself.

Want to know more?
We answer your questions as quickly as possible and will be happy to help you come up with solutions for achieving better results from your existing or new flows.

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