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You are probably familiar with one of the following situations...

Creating a landing page takes a great deal of time and you do this in an external tool (your CMS). As you’re dependent upon third parties you cannot act quickly 
You have to process your collected data by hand and feed this back and/or link this to your database 
You want to make it as easy as possible for your contacts to complete your form by having parts of the form pre-filled, but this is proving difficult
You want to create profiles and enrich data, but someone has to spend time on this by linking the forms on your landing page to your database 
You cannot take action immediately and automatically (e.g. start an email flow or SMS) on the basis of your enriched data 
Landing pages

The advantages of Landing Pages:

  • Creating emails and landing pages in 1 platform 
  • Everyone can do it: easily put together your landing page via drag & drop 
  • No external tool or website builder is necessary 
  • Use your corporate style (elements)
  • Enriched data: easily link forms to your Webpower database

Enriched data: easily link forms to your Webpower database

Are you collecting basic data of customers or are you already busy with profile enrichment? Forms are the secret behind the personalisation of marketing. Until now, forms that you prepared in your CMS had to be linked to your email system by your website builder. That costs time and is not so efficient.

This is a thing of the past with Landing Pages. From now on, behind any “Call to Action” in your email you can easily attach a self-created landing page with a form. We pre-fill the form and immediately link the completed details to your database.

Landing pages
landing pages flow builder

Quickly entice your contact:

start communication flows immediately

Through the automatic link with Webpower, your contact has less to fill in and you save time and manual work. Follow up your segmented database intelligently with automatic flows.


Two common examples:

  • Does your contact register for your event using the form? The system places your contact immediately in the group of registered contacts after which the communication (flow) about the event starts. 
  • Are you at a trade fair and someone fills in their details at your stand? Automatically send your visitors a thank you email and a trade fair special offer. 

There are numerous such examples of marketing challenges for which Landing Pages can provide a solution.

Easily create in your corporate style

It is not difficult to create a landing page. Via our Page Builder, which works with a drag & drop system, you can easily put together a landing page with your corporate style elements. Thanks to the uniform look and speedy operation of the page, your contact is optimally enticed into undertaking the desired action.

Landing pages

The power of our experts

We will be happy to look together with you how you can use Landing Pages, and closely examine your marketing challenges with you. How can you deploy your contact details in a more strategic manner and how do you get more out of your database?

We also offer a free knowledge session, and on our knowledge platform you can find useful and practical tutorials. There we can teach you, for example, how to build step-by-step a Landing Page.

Happy Webpower customers

Landing Pages Dirk van den Broek AON

Webpower Landing Pages are specifically designed to achieve conversion. Ideal! The flexible options ensure that we derive maximum benefits

Dirk van den Broek Campaign Manager at AON

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