A customised investment

Fixed or flexible: you decide

Numerous studies have revealed that email is one of the channels with the highest ROI. We do not deliver a mass product, but a platform that is entirely geared to marketing automation and able to be customised to satisfy your needs. As a result, with us you never pay over the odds. We offer a range of possibilities and together we decide what suits you best.

fixed rates

Fixed costs for using our platform, including mailings. You will always know what to expect.&

flexible rates

A subscription for using our platform and low mailing costs at higher volumes.

You can take out a monthly or yearly subscription, either fixed or flexible.

Quality without surprises

If you opt for Webpower, then as standard you will be opting for:

  • Advanced technology, including a drag & drop editor and flow builder
  • Segmentation and personalisation functions
  • Strategic knowledgde sharing & support
  • Standardised data links
  • The strictest data security
  • Our team of experts who constantly monitor the delivery of your emails
rates processes
Flexible data links

We adapt to your processes

Our software can be quickly and easily deployed for all your marketing automation activities. It can even be integrated with your other marketing channels. Our software offers an open structure and can easily be connected to your processes. Our customised solutions mean we are always sufficiently flexible to move with you. We adapt to your activities, you don’t have to adapt to us.


The ideal offer

Webpower’s software does exactly what it should do: it delivers messages to the right person at the right time. This applies to B2B and B2C. Because the specific deployment of Webpower, the database size and the number of contact moments can vary, we aim to send you an ideal, tailor-made proposal. The costs will depend on your wishes.

To nonetheless give you an indication: the majority of our customers pay between €299 and €799 per month.

We aim to surprise and look forward to your challenge. That may sound strange, but we are keen to show you that we are (email) marketing automation experts who work ceaselessly to provide you with the best possible solution.

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