GDPR compliant with Webpower

GDPR-proof email marketing with Webpower

Under the GDPR (which has entered into effect on May 25th, 2018), you will have to be able to demonstrate how permission was obtained and exactly what that permission pertains to. This applies to new registrants, but also applies retroactively to your existing database. Thankfully, Webpower has developed the GDPR Version Manager and the GDPR Easy Consent Manager, which will ensure that all of your email marketing from now on is fully GDPR-compliant.

GDPR Version Manager

Our recommendation under the GDPR is to store the exact registration text that permission was granted for. Webpower has developed the GDPR Version Manager for this purpose, which can be used at the individual registration level. It helps our clients register the permission obtained from registrants via version management, ensuring that you are always able to provide proof of permissions. The GDPR Version Manager keeps track of who has granted permission, what their permission pertains to, and when they granted it.

In the current Webpower platform, being able to see when people granted permission is a standard feature. However, it does not allow you to be 100% certain regarding which registration text they granted permission for, because it only registers the online version of the current opt-in email. This approach has always been sufficient to satisfy all legal requirements regarding proof of permission, but under the GDPR, these requirements are all being upgraded. Our GDPR Version Manager allows clients to opt for an ironclad method that leaves no room for doubt.

When clients purchase the GDPR Version Manager, a premium feature, a new database field ‘GDPR version’ will be added to every contact, containing the version number of the registration text the contact granted permission for. Our clients can change the opt-in/registration text as often as they want and store any changes as a new version.

GDPR Easy Consent Manager

The GDPR also pertains to existing contact data, for which you may not always know all of the details regarding permissions. As such, your current database should be made compliant with the new legislation by registering the specific permissions of existing contact as well. To make absolutely sure that your permissions all check out, you could also initiate a reactivation campaign that asks for people’s permission once more in a deliberate, unequivocal manner.

You can initiate such a campaign in Webpower using the GDPR Easy Consent Manager. Here’s how it works. Active users, who click on a link in your e-mail, will see a pop-up in which a message (which you can edit) appears, saying something along these lines: “This popup has appeared because we would like to make sure we are fully compliant with the knew EU GDPR legislation. You have registered with our organisation before, but that registration is no longer GDPR-proof. As such, we request that you once more grant your permission. Please click ‘ok’ to grant your permission once again, or review our Privacy Policy for more information.” By clicking the button, your current contacts can re-grant their permission. They also have the option of closing the popup; if they do so, it will re-appear later on. 

The GDPR Easy Consent Manager is an addition to the GDPR version manager and cannot be purchased separately.


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