Text messages work well as a reminder or as a way to create more buzz around your event or company.

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Text message marketing

sms marketing

Text messages are perfect for events, promotions, or tracking shipments

Text messages work well as a reminder or as a way to create more buzz around your event or company. We add tracking intelligence to our text messages so that you do not lose any details regarding your shipments.

Direct routes & fast delivery

We only send text messages through direct routes via the main operators in Europe, Asia, and the United States. We guarantee delivery times of less than 6 seconds. We will provide you with a high performance infrastructure capable of absorbing large numbers of shipments, both in batches and one by one.

Test messages as the differentiator in an omni-channel approach

Combine text message and email-based communication channels in a smooth and uncomplicated way. Choose which channel is most convenient for each of your users.

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Sending a text message implies high priority, and your message is likely to be read.

Features of text message marketing

Text message marketing

People are overwhelmed with messages throughout the day. But comparing text message to other marketing channels, people don't get overwhelmed by text messages. Since text message is no longer one of the more popular communication channels, the marketing opportunities for organisations are tremendous, especially considering the fact that using text message rather than any other communication allows you to communicate a sense of high priority and reliability.

From an organisational perspective, test message allows you to do more than just reach and engage contacts. When someone gives you their permission to text them, you are entering their circle of trust. Moreover, creating such a personal message does not require specific design and HTML skills.

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Detailed feature list

  • Easy personalisation 
  • Tracking intelligence at a very detailed level
  • Schedule messages or send them immediately
  • High-performance infrastructure 
  • Guaranteed delivery within 6 minutes
  • If you have an app, contact users who have installed your app using push messages
  • Integrated in a single suite with email and marketing automation

While we don't expect that you will, if you do need help, our local support teams will be happy to assist you in using our software in the most effective ways.

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